Ready to enroll to The Sh!t I Wish Someone Told Me About Breastfeeding Course?

Breastfeeding Course @ $99


This course includes:

  • Online Video Modules: Engage at your own pace and access valuable information that can be revisited whenever needed.

  • Comprehensive Breastfeeding Course Guide (eBook): Perfect for visual learners, containing 250 pages of detailed content and slides to enhance understanding.

  • Resource PDF: Access a curated list of trusted lactation resources for convenient reference and further exploration.

  • Breastfeeding & Pumping Log: Keep track of your breastfeeding and pumping journey with ease and accuracy.

  • Recommended Breastfeeding & Pumping Products: Discover the best tools and equipment recommended by experts for successful breastfeeding and pumping.

  • Additional Resources including The Truth about Milk Supply eBook: Get the eBook to help with low milk supply and explore organized websites and links for further evidence-based learning, ensuring continuous knowledge enhancement.

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Copyright 2024 © Ready to Slay Mama®

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